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Tadalafil (Cialis)

If you are having erection problems and if you are not able to get the real pleasure out of sex, then go for Cialis. This impotency drug is widely prescribed for erectile deficiency, as they are very safe and very effective.

Cialis Side Effects

Side Effects

As like all impotency drugs, Cialis also comes with many allergic reactions and side effects. Swelling of tongue, lips, mouth; hives and breathing problems are some of the allergic reactions that a person can come across while taking Cialis.

Sudden vision loss, irregular heart beat, ringing in ears, sudden hearing loss, chest pain, sweating, nausea, ill feeling, pain spreading to arms/shoulders and seizures are some of the overdose symptoms. In case you experience any of these symptoms, better stop the drug and contact the doctor immediately.

Stuffy nose, sore throat, warmth in chest/face/neck, diarrhoea, stomach upset, headache, muscles and back pains are some of the less known side effects with Cialis.

Drug usage

How does Cialis act on the body? It acts on the muscles in the penile region and relaxes the blood vessels. Relaxing the muscles in the penile region helps in the flow of more blood. Once the penis gets the right flow of blood, it gets the right erection and the erection lasts longer.

How taken

Cialis has to be bought from the drug store only if the doctor has recommended it; never buy it on your own. While taking Cialis, take care not to go beyond the prescribed dosage. Once the drug is taken, you can see the difference in just 25 minutes. Moreover, the erection will last for about 36 hours.

Missed dose/overdose

Cialis is not missed. But there are chances of having an overdose. Irregular heart beat, chest pain, vomiting, fainting and nausea are some of the symptoms of an overdose.

More Information

Cialis should be used for your erectile deficiency only after consulting the doctor. Well, when consulting the physician, make sure that you do not miss out any details regarding your health. Let the doctor have an idea about all your allergic reactions and also about all your health problems. Let the doctor know if you have any issues related to blood, heart, liver and kidney. Let him know if you have angina, high/low pressure, Peyronie's disease and retinitis pigmentosa.

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It is advised not to mix Cialis with any medicine that contains nitrates. If Cialis is taken along with any medicine that contains nitrates, you may experience a sudden fall in your pressure.

Cialis is also known to cause sudden vision loss. If you come across any problems with regard to your vision, contact the doctor immediately. However, it has not been proved if Cialis drug is the cause of sudden vision loss. Generally it has been seen that people who are diabetic or who have high blood pressure or who had eye problems had experienced sudden vision loss.

Never use grape fruit or grape juice or alcohol while you are using Cialis as these can interact with the drug.


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The Lilly ICOS joint venture has produced a drug of undeniable importance, the Cialis. Cialis is 'a wonder drug' which deals with the notorious disease of ED or impotence most effectively. Erectile dysfunction renders the man emotionally and physically frustrated during which he suffers from psychic trauma and relation breakups. Undoubtedly cured, erectile dysfunction vanishes the moment Cialis administration is carried out. The Weekend pill or Cialis is believed not only to rehabilitate one's declined sexual state but also to elongate the love session further.

PDE5PDE5 inhibitor is the class of the drug Cialis belongs to and it cures impotence by increasing quantity of erection-causing agent, cGMP. cGMP or cyclic guanosine monophosphate is a nucleotide produced by guanylate cyclase in the penile tissues upon the action of endothelial cell derived nitric oxide. Neuronal pathways are thought to initiate NO production, the first step in initiating erection response. In the absence of neuronal stimulation, erection would not be initiated in the first place. As far as the role of Cialis is concerned, it protects the cGMP already produced from being degraded. This increases the quantity of cGMP and thus more and more relaxation of the penile vasculature due to smooth muscle relaxation occurs. More the blood vessels are distended, more will be the blood accumulated inside and more will be corpora cavernosa of the penis engorged with blood. Thus erection is made spontaneous under the action of Cialis.

Cialis is yellow coloured almond shaped tablet available in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg tablets. Take the advised dosage of the drug for not more than once a day half an hour prior to physical interaction. The drug gives an exceedingly long erection time of 36 hours straight till your climax. Moreover, the drug metabolism is not affected by the kind of edibles you might take during your sexual interaction.

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Cialis is the only one among all ED treatments to claim of posing least number of side effects. Flushing, headache, muscle pain and nasal congestion are some of its side effects that are expected to faint away within a few hours or so. In case of persistence of any of these side effects, seek medical assistance right away. Inhibition of PDE6 found in the eyes is observed to cause cyanotic tint in the vision which is NOT one of the drug's side effects. Unlike other oral ED-treatments, PDE1 and PDE11 are some other enzymes that remain unaffected in the case of Cialis, thus further minimizing the side effects.

Since, the drug is a potent vasodilator, do not take any other vasodilators such as amyl nitrates or heart medications containing nitrate otherwise life threatening hypotension or even a circulatory collapse might take place. Do not take the drug above the prescribed dosage. Consult with your doctor of having any blood disorders suck as anemia, renal disorders, stomach ulcers, hypotension, hypertension or stroke in the past.

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A summary of Cialis

DocLife is the precious gift of God. There are many people who do not care about their health. They know the name so different medicines and use them for the treatment of many health problems. Those who care about their health and know the importance of their health prefer to go for a medical treatment. It is good that if you get any problem then you go o the doctor for its treatment. We mostly face common health problems in life i.e. flu, cough, cold etc. many medicines are available for the treatment of these common problems. But these are just common health problems. Those people who have sexual problem face a lot of difficulty regarding their problem. In this article I shall tell you about a well known sexual problem erectile dysfunction. Man impotence is also used for the erectile dysfunction.

Talking about the treatment of erectile dysfunction you will come to know about a famous drug known as Cialis. Cialis is the best medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Cialis is available in four different doses. These doses are easily available in market at cheap rate. The main reason of its increasing demand is its cheap rate and easy availability. Cialis is also called Tadalafil. It means that if you are not finding Cialis with its original name then you can buy it with its generic name that is Tadalafil. There are some side effects which are the part of Cialis. Approximately 1-10 persons out of 100 get these side effects. If you are a user of Cialis and want to save yourself from these side effects then follow your doctor's advice strictly. There are many side effects of using Cialis. Some of these are given below:

To get headache side effect is a common side effect of many drugs. After the use of Cialis you may get headache which remains for more than 6 to 8 hours and then it go away. You do not need to worry about it because you can treat it easily by taking simple medicines for the treatment of headache.

Facial flushing:
Facial flushing is a common side effect of many medicines which are used in sexual problems treatment. In this side effect, the face of the user becomes red. Since the use of Cialis increases the blood flow so when blood flow increases, face becomes red in some people.

Back pain:
After the use of Cialis, you may get back pain. Back pain remains for more than 12 hours. After this duration it automatically vanishes.

Stuffy or runny nose:
You may get this side effect after using Cialis. You will feel uncomfortable in this side effect. It is better to take medicine for its treatment or to go to the doctor.

These are some common side effects of Cialis. Everything which has an advantage also has disadvantage. Same is the case with medicines or drugs. If you are determined to get your health back then you can do it with the help of your doctor.

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Health and fitness cannot be overlooked by any individual who understands the meaning of good physical condition. For a person to be considered healthy, he or she needs to have certain attributes which are very consistent in their daily routines. The modern day has radically changed the definition of good health from that of being fat considered by previous generations. Good health relies upon having a balanced diet, physical activities and training, enough rest, being exposed to the right sunshine wavelength and having the right quantities of air and water. These are considered the best doctors anytime, anywhere and no one can deny it.

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